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Frequently Asked Questions

CloudLinux OS is a Linux distribution designed specifically for shared hosting environments. It improves server stability, security, and efficiency by isolating each user in its Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE).
A CloudLinux OS admin is responsible for managing and maintaining servers running on CloudLinux OS. This includes tasks such as server setup, configuration, security management, resource allocation, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.
CloudLinux OS enhances server stability by preventing individual users from monopolizing server resources. It employs technologies like LVE to allocate specific resource limits to each user, ensuring that no single user can cause performance issues or server downtime for others.

CloudLinux OS provides several security features such as CageFS, which isolates each user's file system, preventing one compromised account from affecting others. It also includes SecureLinks for secure symbolic link protection and kernel-level security enhancements.

Yes, CloudLinux OS offers migration tools and documentation to assist with transitioning from other Linux distributions. It's recommended to follow the provided migration guides and perform thorough testing before migrating production servers.
Performance optimization on CloudLinux OS involves monitoring resource usage, tuning server configurations, and utilizing caching mechanisms. Admins can also utilize tools like CloudLinux's LVE Manager to identify resource-intensive users and processes.

Yes, CloudLinux OS is compatible with widely used hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin. It integrates seamlessly with these control panels to provide enhanced resource management and security features.

CloudLinux OS updates can be performed using standard package management tools like yum or apt, depending on the package manager used. Additionally, CloudLinux provides tools like KernelCare for live patching to apply critical kernel updates without rebooting.

CloudLinux offers various support options including documentation, knowledge base articles, community forums, and direct support channels for licensed users. Support levels vary based on subscription plans.
Yes, CloudLinux OS allows for customization through its extensive range of configuration options and compatibility with third-party software and tools. However, it's essential to ensure that customizations adhere to best practices to maintain system stability and security.