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CloudLinuxOS Shared Pro

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CloudLinuxOS Shared Pro

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Frequently Asked Questions

CloudLinux OS Shared Pro is an advanced version of CloudLinux OS Shared Hosting, offering enhanced features and capabilities tailored for professional shared hosting environments.
CloudLinux OS Shared Pro includes features such as Advanced Priority Support, Priority Patching, Extended Lifecycle Support, Extended Security Updates, PHP Extended Lifecycle Support, and the ability to utilize KernelCare Enterprise.
CloudLinux OS Shared Pro provides higher levels of support, faster patching, extended lifecycle support for software and kernels, and additional security updates, ensuring improved stability, security, and performance for professional shared hosting environments.

Yes, customers using standard CloudLinux OS Shared Hosting can upgrade to CloudLinux OS Shared Pro to access additional features and support options. Your hosting provider can assist you with the upgrade process.

Advanced Priority Support provides priority access to CloudLinux support engineers for assistance with critical issues and advanced technical queries. It ensures faster response times and resolution for support tickets.
Priority Patching ensures that critical security patches and updates are applied to CloudLinux OS and associated software promptly, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities and downtime in professional shared hosting environments.
    • Extended Lifecycle Support extends the support period for CloudLinux OS releases, providing customers with access to security updates and bug fixes for an extended period beyond the standard lifecycle, ensuring ongoing stability and security.
CloudLinux OS Shared Pro offers extended security updates, priority patching, and access to KernelCare Enterprise for live kernel patching, ensuring that servers remain protected against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.
Yes, CloudLinux OS Shared Pro allows customization of hosting environments through various configuration options and compatibility with third-party software and tools, giving users flexibility in tailoring their setups to specific requirements.
Yes, CloudLinux OS Shared Pro is well-suited for hosting mission-critical websites and applications due to its advanced features, enhanced support, and extended lifecycle support, providing reliability, security, and performance for professional shared hosting environments.